Our Values

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Live with Integrity

  • Be honest and candid; do what we say, say what we do. Our word is our bond.
  • Respect individuals, the environment and communities.
  • Train, coach, and mentor our people to achieve their potential.
  • Never compromise on safety: Safe environments are the foundation of personal and professional goals.

Hear the Customer

  • Produce quality products that exceed customer expectations.
  • Reliably deliver on time to maintain customer confidence.
  • Continuously strive to eliminate waste and improve efficiency to provide a superior customer experience across the enterprise-wide value chain.

Set and Achieve High Standards

  • Meet our stakeholders’ expectations consistently and then exceed them.
  • Measure performance, establish facts, and eliminate root cause issues to achieve peak performance.
  • Grow from our setbacks; learn from the mistakes and successes of others.

Focus on Value Creation

  • Create long term economic value that is sustainable for Enviva, our partners and the environment.
  • Pursuit of continuous improvement through “Lean Thinking” to achieve superior results.
  • Maximize outcomes: be humble enough to learn and confident enough to teach.

Act Sustainably in the Decisions We Make

  • Work to eliminate the perceived trade-offs between cost and the environment.
  • Strive for environmental leadership, not only compliance.
  • Lead from the front; individual actions can have profound impact.