Operational Excellence

Enviva invests in people and capabilities across the entire supply chain, from forest to ship.


Wood pellet production is a complex manufacturing operation. Enviva has developed, grown and retained a deep process manufacturing experience, reliant on lean manufacturing principles and a focus on operational excellence. We are a data-driven enterprise built around safety, quality and reliability to ensure that all of our activities achieve well-understood metrics, meet stringent specifications and exceed customer expectations.

Our relentless focus on the customer drives us to become more efficient by eliminating waste and variability in the process to achieve a high level of product consistency. Maintaining equipment reliability, product quality, and process stability provides a manufacturing setting that enables us to reduce costs, minimize our impact on the environment, and provide a product that meets exacting customer specifications.

Enviva employs a full-time quality manager on site at each facility to test all key quality parameters providing immediate feedback to operators. Process measurements, testing procedures, log sheets and controls are put in place to monitor and affect key pellet attributes.


Our willingness to invest in infrastructure and human capital upstream into the raw material supply chain helps us limit our cost volatility and deliver stable pricing and products to our customers. In addition to a team of operators and engineers, we are a company of foresters. Our procurement team has more than 100 years of experience managing strategic, national, regional and local relationships to ensure long-term access to low-cost fiber including processed and unprocessed residues, and low-grade pre-commercial thinnings and round timber. We own, invest in, and control the harvesting, in-woods processing, and transportation assets and capabilities to ensure consistent flows of fiber from stump to plant.


We are committed to the development of our employees. Through extensive training on- and off-site, our entire manufacturing team has the opportunity to become subject matter experts, fully understanding our manufacturing process and developing highly transferable technical skills in a cutting edge facility. We rely on each employee to understand our strict specifications and apply that knowledge to eliminate defects and make process improvements.


Our production facilities are strategically located in advantaged fiber baskets and near multiple truck, rail, river and ocean transportation access points, which have access to export terminals—one of which we own at the Port of Chesapeake—in order to reach our international customers. We also maintain river access to the emerging domestic customers and direct rail access from our growing storage assets. Our flexible transportation alternatives also allow us to cost-effectively deliver pellets to utilities in nearly every domestic market in the United States and the export markets, especially Europe.

Each of our Operating Facilities seeks to…

  • Instill in both Mind and Practice a Safe Work Environment
  • Operate a Stand-Alone Facility that must be Profitable on its own
  • Be a Consistent Producer of High Quality Pellets
  • Be a Reliable Production Facility
  • Maintain an Efficient Wood Conversion Operation (use every bit of wood!)
  • Maintain All Equipment at High Operational Readiness Rates
  • Demonstrate and instill Enviva’s Values
  • Consistently Perform as an Excellent Service Provider that maintains superb Customer Relations