At Enviva, safety is paramount. Safe practices and strict protocol are instilled in our culture at every level of the company and is of the utmost priority. The company invests heavily in safety, training, and professional manufacturing practices.

Superior safety performance is an objective of all of Enviva’s operating facilities. We recognize that our greatest resource is the people who work to contribute to the success of our company. If Enviva is to obtain optimum protection of its people and property, then an exemplary approach to safety is necessary. Enviva has a strong, unwavering commitment to provide a safe workplace and to establish and enforce policies promoting high standards of employee and contractor health and safety, while delivering to the customer the highest quality product. All employees on an Enviva worksite will conduct themselves and their work in a safe manner consistent with existing policies and practices. Adhering to Enviva safety-related policies and procedures is a condition of employment.

Responsibility for following our policies and achieving our safety goals is that of everyone, including site superintendents, supervisors, employees, and the safety manager with the support of company management. Our approach to safety is to develop, cultivate and maintain safety as a personal value for each person associated with Enviva. We believe that a strong safety culture as a value will never be compromised by taking operational shortcuts that may expose members to unacceptable risks within the workplace.

With these objectives in mind, our “employee participation” approach to safety is our roadmap to achieve the goals we have set for a safe work environment.

A level of zero incidents, accidents and injuries is the only acceptable goal for our work places. We believe that it is an attainable goal that can be accomplished when everyone conducts themselves safely through teamwork and communication. Achievement of our objectives will allow us to provide a quality product and a safe and healthful work environment for all of our Enviva team members.


We instill a culture that values safety through the actions of management and implementation of:

  • Annual OSHA Safety Training for the workforce
  • Weekly safety topics
  • Established housekeeping standards
  • Safety handbook
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Visitors safety training
We use NFPA guidelines in the design and operations of our facilities to mitigate the risk of fire or dust explosions.

  • Contractors and vendors required to incorporate NFPA standards in design
  • Fire prevention and suppression on equipment
  • Routine cleaning for any accumulated dust
  • NFPA sponsored training on dust hazards for managers
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  • November 5, 2014

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