Timber Reforestation | Growth-Drain Ratio | Reforestation

Currently, our biomass sources include processed residues (chips, bark and sawdust by-products), and also unprocessed residues, (tree tops, branches, and other forestry debris remaining after the primary biomass (tree trunk) has been processed and shipped from the forest). These unprocessed residues would most likely otherwise go unused as a resource. Additional biomass sources currently include low-grade wood fiber and round wood.

Enviva‘s policy is to locate its facilities in regions, such as the Southeast United States, capable of supplying sustainable raw materials while simultaneously maintaining an overall growth-to-drain ratio that is greater than one (i.e. where re-growth is greater than harvest). Additionally, we take steps to ensure the long-term sustainability and yield of the forests where our manufacturing facilities are located.  We seek to broaden the practice of sustainable forestry with our suppliers and wood producers to protect soil and water quality.