Leading in sustainable wood bioenergy

We are the world’s largest producer of sustainable wood pellets, a renewable alternative to coal. Wood-based bioenergy is part of an
all-in renewables strategy to reduce carbon emissions and limit dependence on fossil fuels.

The world’s leading authority on climate science, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, explicitly recognizes bioenergy as a renewable energy source that is critical to our low-carbon future. The IPCC also concludes that sustainable forest management is critical to prevent forest conversion to non-forest uses.

We need bioenergy both to replace fossil fuels and to keep forests as forests.

we are enviva inc.

Our purpose

Enviva exists to displace fossil fuels, grow more trees, and fight climate change.


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Click on each image to discover how Enviva’s commitment to sustainable wood bioenergy starts and ends with healthy forests that reduce carbon emissions.

Global Impact

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innovative supply

We’ve built a reliable, scalable supply chain

We do more than make wood pellets. From the forest to homes around the globe, we provide a sustainable, low-carbon alternative to fossil fuels.

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changing energy together

Driven by our shared vision for a renewable energy future


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