Powering economic development

In communities across the South

Enviva does more than make wood pellets—at our ten plants in six U.S. states, we help small towns participate in and benefit from the global economy. We connect thousands of forest landowners to international energy markets through our global supply chain. We generate almost $1 billion a year in economic activity, much of it in rural areas, and we have created thousands of direct and indirect jobs in less than a decade.

Local markets

Global impact

By making long-term investments, creating jobs near home and family, and promoting healthy forests, we help our communities preserve their environmental heritage, local character, and quality of life.

Powering development

Delivering economic growth

Enviva creates good jobs that pay well. Few positions in our pellet production facilities require an advanced degree, but the average salary in each one of our plants exceeds the overall average salary in the area where it is located. For example, Enviva’s Southampton facility and Port of Chesapeake in Virginia have delivered $170 million in investments that support local economies.