Responsible Sourcing Policy

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Enviva’s global responsible sourcing policy and pledges in conservation leadership

Enviva’s Responsible Sourcing Policy serves as the guiding principle for Enviva’s global sourcing, applying to our purchasing of trees and other forms of wood from forests, residues from forest product facilities, and biomass produced by other companies. Enviva seeks to preserve soil and water quality; to protect rare, threatened, and endangered species, habitats, and ecosystems; to promote the continuous growth of diverse, natural forests, and to contribute toward building a forest products industry that thrives on good practices.

With this policy, we build on our previous standards of sustainable forestry to better conserve key ecological values. We also adopt into this policy our critical view of Enviva as a steward of diverse, thriving forested landscapes and as a key player in collaborative efforts to address landscape-level conservation priorities at scale.

We will define and communicate our continuous improvement process through annual implementation plans, which will include measurable goals and timelines, as we work to more fully realize our ambitions. We will work deliberately over time to ensure that 100% of our sourcing meets our expectations.

Our policy and pledges reflect our core commitments to the highest standards of sustainability, stewardship, and integrity. For years to come, our policy and pledges will guide our work and be the measure of our progress. 

Download our Responsible Sourcing Policy.

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