Our First Sustainability Report

Without a doubt, this has been a truly extraordinary year. While COVID-19 continues to threaten public health all over the world, we are bearing witness to a growing chorus of voices welcoming the opportunity for a green recovery. Last month, for example, respected thinktank Resources for the Future published its Climate Insights 2020: Policies and Politics Report, finding that “huge majorities of Americans believe that Earth has been warming, that the warming has been caused by human activity, that warming poses a significant threat to the nation and the world – especially to future generations – and that governments, businesses, and individuals should be taking steps to address it.” Here at Enviva, we believe that a recovery that focuses on climate protection will leave our planet in a better place for our children and future generations.

Our mission is to fight climate change, displace coal, and grow more trees. We know we can be part of the energy transition that puts us on a path to a zero-carbon future, but we must do so transparently. This is why I am proud to share our first Sustainability Report, an examination of the progress we have made to date and the work we’ve yet to do. It has taken us time to get here. As a company that started from humble beginnings 16 years ago as a start-up to our current status as a leading provider of sustainable biomass, we’ve made significant strides in becoming a more sustainable company.

Our Sustainability Report covers the three things we care most passionately about: People, Forests, and Climate Change. These things are interlinked and interdependent – you can’t think about providing energy today without also considering its impact on the atmosphere and the land, and you can’t think about protecting the environment without considering how energy will be sourced and dispatched to countries, companies, and people in our growing, global economy. And it’s becoming abundantly clear each day that you can’t truly fight climate change without also practicing excellent forest stewardship.

I encourage you to read our report and provide feedback. I also want to acknowledge – to you, our customers, stakeholders, and followers – that our work is by no means done. We will continue our work to improve forests, mitigate climate change, and support people with a spirit of openness, humility, and respect. We are determined to make a difference, and we will continue to act with integrity.