Enviva’s Port of Chesapeake Recognized as a “Sustained Distinguished Performance River Star Business” by The Elizabeth River Foundation

BETHESDA, Md., January 25, 2023 – Enviva Inc. (NYSE: EVA), the world’s leading producer of sustainably sourced woody biomass, has been recognized as a “Sustained Distinguished Performance River Star Business” by the Elizabeth River Project for its energy savings efforts, metal recycling, and increased oyster gardening programs.

Enviva’s Justin Milteer, Elizabeth River Project Executive Director Marjorie Mayfield Jackson, Enviva Port Manager Rhandy McGlothlin, and Enviva’s Bruce Trask at the Elizabeth River Project’s Annual Recognition Luncheon.

The Elizabeth River Project is a non-profit organization leading the effort to restore the health of the historic urban river to the highest practical level of environmental quality through government, business, and community partnerships. Partner businesses, known as River Star Businesses, contribute by supporting the overall health of the river by improving flood control and restoring crucial wetlands and wildlife habitat.

“Enviva’s Chesapeake Terminal is at the top level in the program and is an important partner as a neighbor to our Paradise Creek Nature Park. We are proud of Enviva’s environmental efforts including results in both pollution prevention and wildlife habitat enhancement,” said Pam Boatwright, Deputy Director of Administration & River Star Businesses Program Manager for The Elizabeth River Project.

The River Restoration Advisory Committee, composed of River Star peers and technical experts, reviews River Star documentation every fall for entry and advancement in the program. On Thursday, January 19, 2023, Enviva was recognized in the ‘Sustained Distinguished Performance’ category at the Elizabeth River Project’s Annual Recognition Luncheon at The Founders Inn in Virginia Beach, VA. The ‘Sustained Distinguished Performance’ category is reserved for existing River Star participants that showcase significant new efforts in cleaning up the river within the last year.

The committee unanimously agreed Enviva’s Port of Chesapeake terminal should be recognized for its achievements in removing more than 217,000 pounds of metal waste, recycling over 79,000 pounds of old conveyor belt, maintaining 20 oyster cages as part of the Bay Foundation’s Oyster Restoration program, as well as upgrading and implementing new energy-saving lighting throughout the port terminal.

“We appreciate the opportunity to be recognized as a River Star Business by the Elizabeth River Project,” said Chris Brown, Senior Manager of Community Relations in the Mid-Atlantic for Enviva. “Our Chesapeake staff, led by Port Managers Aaron Leftwich and Rhandy McGlothlin, has proven over the years that they are committed to being a true River Star with their engagement with the Elizabeth River Project, Paradise Creek Nature Park, and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. We salute their efforts and would like to express our gratitude to Pam Boatwright for her expertise, guidance, and contagious enthusiasm toward these important projects.”

To learn more about the awards program or to view a full list of 2022 winners, visit: https://elizabethriver.org/river-star-businesses.

About Enviva

Enviva Inc. (NYSE: EVA) is the world’s largest producer of industrial wood pellets, a renewable and sustainable energy source produced by aggregating a natural resource, wood fiber, and processing it into a transportable form, wood pellets. Enviva owns and operates ten plants with a combined production capacity of approximately 6.2 million metric tons per year in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and Mississippi, and is constructing its 11th plant in Epes, Alabama. Enviva is planning to commence construction of its 12th plant, near Bond, Mississippi, in 2023. Enviva sells most of its wood pellets through long-term, take-or-pay off-take contracts with primarily creditworthy customers in the United Kingdom, the European Union, and Japan, helping to accelerate the energy transition and to decarbonize hard-to-abate sectors like steel, cement, lime, chemicals, and aviation fuels. Enviva exports its wood pellets to global markets through its deep-water marine terminals at the Port of Chesapeake, Virginia, the Port of Wilmington, North Carolina, and the Port of Pascagoula, Mississippi, and from third-party deep-water marine terminals in Savannah, Georgia, Mobile, Alabama, and Panama City, Florida.

To learn more about Enviva, please visit our website at www.envivabiomass.com. Follow Enviva on social media @Enviva.