From forest to customer

Striving for excellence across the supply chain

Our first priority is to keep our people safe. Our second is to execute our business strategy safely, sustainably, and in full compliance with the law, while delivering world-class quality, reliability, productivity, and profitability. When we achieve both, that’s what we call Operational Excellence.

Operational Excellence

A journey

Like all aspects of continuous improvement, Operational Excellence is a journey, not a destination. It requires determination, accountability, and leadership, each a hallmark of Enviva’s values. As part of these values, Enviva has adopted the Operational Excellence Management System (OEMS), a proven system for achieving excellence in safety, sustainability, compliance, quality, reliability, and productivity.

Operational Excellence Management System

A fundamental building block

Enviva’s OEMS defines our process for achieving Operational Excellence and sets clear expectations for managing safety, environmental, and operational risks. As we continue to grow, OEMS is a key and fundamental building block of our worldwide operations.


Managing operations

The Enviva way

Enviva’s OEMS is the set of management processes, standards, procedures, and behaviors that enables us to achieve our goal of Operational Excellence through its integration into our daily work. The OEMS defines the “Enviva way” for managing our operations.

Do the right thing, the right way, every time

Operational discipline

Achieving Operational Excellence requires more than a system of processes and standards. It requires a culture in which everyone follows those processes and procedures in the right way. At Enviva, we refer to this culture as Operational Discipline.

The basis of our culture

The four pillars of operational discipline

To be successful, we each strive to live out these pillars in every task we perform. Necessary behaviors:


Treat your workplace and your role with respect, recognizing the seriousness of what you do and your role as a part of something bigger. Follow authorized procedures and expect the same from others. If you think of a better way, follow authorized processes to review and improve the procedures.

Questioning attitude

Constantly ask yourself what could go wrong. Check for out-of-the-ordinary and learn to anticipate potential problems. Don’t assume things are okay—verify.

Team backup

Back up your co-workers by looking out for what they may have missed, and expect the same in return. Have the courage to care, intervening even when it makes you uncomfortable. If you see an issue, own it.

Continuous learning

Understand not just what you do, but why you do it. Continually seek greater knowledge about the systems, processes, and hazards in and around your workplace.