High-quality pellets

Low-value materials

Enviva produces wood pellets with responsible and sustainable practices that keep forests healthy and growing. Our process begins by sourcing the most sustainable raw materials, including tops and limbs, crooked or diseased trees, slash, understory, and thin tree lengths. Enviva does not source from old growth forests, protected forests, or forests that are harvested for land use conservation.

Reliable and consistent

Committed to sustainability above all

Then we optimize the mix to create high-quality, consistent pellets. To accomplish this, Enviva takes unprecedented steps to understand the characteristics across different tree species and how their properties can change from one season to the next. We use our own quality laboratories and partner with several universities on modeling, chemical composition research, and product testing to accurately predict pellet behavior and energy content.

Our manufacturing process

100-percent plant matter

Our manufacturing process involves milling, drying, and pelletizing wood in a specialty press. During the extrusion process, the wood is pushed through a press at high pressure that causes lignin, the natural adhesive in the wood, to form a crisp sheath that holds each pellet together. Our pellets are 100-percent plant matter and we use no chemicals in our process.

The result is an energy-dense, low-moisture, and uniformly-sized wood fuel that provides efficient, reliable combustion. On an energy content basis, Enviva’s wood pellets have significantly lower sodium oxide emissions than fossil fuels and unprocessed woody materials.