Modern bioenergy

Efficient and reliable

Heat and power plants have precise specifications and expectations for their wood pellets. Poor pellet quality could severely lower the capability of furnaces or clog up material processing equipment, leading to expensive repairs and supplements. At Enviva, our wood pellets are custom designed to meet the specific needs of different types of customers.

Industry-leading quality

We’ve established quality laboratories at each plant and port location to perform a multitude of tests. This allows us to optimize our manufacturing processes and ensures we are producing the highest quality pellets.

Exceeding customer expectations

Rigorous testing and inspection

Our customers are working to achieve specific requirements for air quality and carbon emissions, and what is in the fuel they use matters. That’s why our labs test the chemical composition of our pellets for anything that might cause problematic emissions when the pellets combust. Quality is inspected at numerous times and locations throughout the pellet-making process, including bulk density, moisture content, fines, durability, ash, and particle size distribution.