Strong renewable growth

Paving the way to a fossil fuel-free future

According to the International Energy Agency’s forecast, bioenergy will be the world’s fastest growing renewable over the next five years, making it the world’s largest renewable energy resource and a key player in the global energy transition. Between 2006 and 2015, global production grew from 7 million metric tons to 26 million metric tons. Today, the market stands at around 35 million metric tons.

Reliable supply

Enviva’s wood bioenergy is a sustainable, renewable energy resource that enables electric utilities to replace fossil fuels and complements the intermittency of wind and solar technologies.

A legacy of excellence

Rooted in manufacturing process expertise

A successful pelleting operation requires specialized expertise in a number of areas. As the world’s largest supplier of wood pellets, with about 6.2 million metric tons of production capacity per year for existing facilities and facilities under construction or expansion, Enviva has assembled the people, suppliers, and capabilities to manage the breadth of activities required for successful execution from forest to ship to customer.