Announcing Enviva’s 2019 RSP Impact Report

Dear Colleagues,

Today is an exciting day for our company. We are happy to share with you our very first Responsible Sourcing Policy (RSP) Impact Report. This Report summarizes the work we did and the progress we made in 2019, together with our key partners, on the long-term sustainability goals we set forth in our RSP.

Publishing this Impact Report is an important milestone for us and is part of our commitment to transparency and accountability to keep our stakeholders informed about our sustainability efforts. The Report describes the Plans that we made in early 2019 to implement our policy provisions, the Actions we took over the course of the year to carry out those plans, and the Impact that resulted from this work. Along the way, we learned that there are places where we have more work to do in order to continue to improve and innovate in our business.

Please find a copy of our 2019 Responsible Sourcing Policy Impact Report here and a copy of the Policy here.

As a reminder, we launched our enhanced and expanded RSP in 2019, which clarifies Enviva’s commitment to forest stewardship in three different ways:

1. at the tract level, with strict standards for forest sourcing;
2. throughout our supply chain, with provisions for verification, transparency, and reporting; and
3. in pledges for conservation leadership on landscape-level challenges and opportunities.

We look forward to continuing our progress in 2020 and we enthusiastically welcome your feedback, questions, and suggestions about how we can achieve our goals.

Stay tuned! Thanks for your attention and you’ll be hearing from us again.

Yours in forest stewardship,
Jennifer Jenkins, PhD
Chief Sustainability Officer

We’d like to share a short video with additional information about the report.