Enviva and GreenX Utility Partner to Promote Sustainable Biomass to Enable Poland’s Energy Transition

Converting existing coal-fired electricity generation and combined heat and power plants to sustainable biomass usage is considered one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce their lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions by more than 85 percent, while retaining jobs throughout the industry and supply chain.

BETHESDA, MD, September 21, 2021 – Enviva, a global renewable energy company specializing in sustainable wood bioenergy, and GreenX Utility, a Polish energy trading company focused on sustainable biomass, biomethane, and energy storage, announced they are teaming up to promote the benefits of sustainable biomass as a key solution to decarbonizing Poland’s energy sector.

Both parties entered into a consulting agreement to advance the role of biomass as a renewable and sustainable energy source to replace coal in existing heat and power applications in Poland. GreenX Utility will also act as advisor to Enviva and its business partner on coal-to-biomass conversion projects, covering topics such as sustainability, security of supply, and project economics.

Converting existing coal-fired electricity generation or combined heat and power (CHP) plants to sustainable biomass usage is one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce the lifecycle GHG emissions of a plant by more than 85 percent, while retaining jobs throughout the supply chain, delivering on the EU Green Deal, and ensuring a fair and just transition.

“Half of Poland’s carbon emissions come from heat and power applications – with the vast majority still using coal. Poland’s energy sector faces the demanding task of switching to renewable energy sources in a short time without compromising on security of supply and while ensuring a just transition. As it has in other European countries, we believe sustainable biomass will play a pivotal role in making this happen,” stated Thomas Meth, Co-founder and Executive Vice President of Enviva.

Jens Price Wolf, General Manager, Europe, and Vice President, Commercial, at Enviva, added: “We are looking forward to working with Polish stakeholders on understanding and deploying bioenergy technology to decarbonize system-critical power stations and CHPs – making Poland’s energy transition a reality.”

“I am very happy to cooperate with a leading global wood pellet producer,” Dawid Klimczak, CEO of GreenX Utility, commented. “Making energy security renewable is one of the biggest challenges in the upcoming years, and sustainable biomass will be the answer to it. Sustainable biomass will play a vital role to secure electricity prices in the long-term. The European economy needs low-priced and clean energy, and biomass meets both requirements.”

About Enviva Holdings, LP

Enviva Holdings, LP is the world’s largest producer of industrial wood pellets, a renewable and sustainable energy source used to generate electricity and heat. Through its subsidiaries, Enviva Holdings, LP owns and operates wood pellet processing plants and deep-water export terminals in the U.S. Southeast. We export our pellets to power plants in the United Kingdom, Europe and Japan that previously were fueled by coal, enabling them to reduce their lifetime carbon footprint by more than 85 percent. We make our pellets using sustainable practices that protect Southern forests and employ about 1,200 people and support many other businesses in the U.S. Southeast. Enviva Holdings, LP conducts its activities primarily through two entities: Enviva Partners, LP, a publicly traded master limited partnership (NYSE: EVA), and Enviva Development Holdings, LLC, a wholly owned private company. To learn more about Enviva Holdings, LP, please visit our website at www.envivabiomass.com and follow us on social media @Enviva.

About GreenX Utility

GreenX Utility is a Poznan, Poland-based green technology and trading company that pursues the next generation of energy, focusing, amongst others, on sustainable biomass, biomethane and energy storage.

We are part of the transformation of the energy industry towards energy 4.0. Renewable energy is not only about sun and wind; it is also about using fuels that are part of a closed economy (circular economy). Technological solutions such as energy storage will ensure energy security and stability of supplies when achieving 100% renewable sources. GreenX Utility is the next generation energy utility – providing clean and inexpensive energy. We are active in Central Eastern Europe with a main focus on Poland. Growing demand for electricity means also more responsibility for the environment and climate change.

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