Enviva Releases Statement Following Issuance of Air Permit for its Forthcoming Bond Facility by Mississippi DEQ

BETHESDA, MD — March 16, 2023 — Enviva Inc. (NYSE: EVA), the world’s leading producer of sustainably sourced woody biomass, issued a statement today thanking the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality’s (MDEQ) permit board for the unanimous approval of the construction permit of Enviva’s Bond, Mississippi facility. The permit was issued after an extensive review process that included a public comment period, a well-attended public hearing, and numerous public comments. The proposed facility will be designed to produce approximately 1.2 million oven dried tons (ODT) per year of wood pellets and will be equipped with maximum achievable control technologies to curb emissions to the greatest extent possible. Emission control technologies to be deployed throughout the site include baghouses, bin vents, wet electrostatic precipitators (WESP), and thermal oxidative controls (RTOs/RCOs).

Thomas Meth, Enviva’s President and CEO, issued the following statement:

“We appreciate the regulatory process and diligence that MDEQ and the air permit board demonstrated over the last 8 months in reviewing and issuing our permit. Our teams worked diligently with MDEQ to address questions raised by the community on the air quality of our operations, following the public comment process, and provided science-backed assurances which demonstrate no negative impact to air quality in the surrounding communities. We look forward to becoming a part of the Stone County community and to bringing economic development along with environmental leadership with our forthcoming plant.”

To obtain this permit, over the last year, Enviva engaged closely with the community to hear and proactively address any concerns, as well as prove the plant will comply with all regulatory requirements to protect public health and the environment. As it relates to operations, Enviva’s existing plants perform routine emission testing on all emission point sources. These tests are conducted by third-party experts and then submitted to the applicable regulatory agency for approval. Approved emission test results are made public and continue to demonstrate Enviva’s consistent compliance with established regulatory limits across the states in which Enviva operates. All Enviva’s facilities are subject to periodic on-site inspections, which are conducted by state regulatory agencies. These inspections review site operations, environmental monitoring, and environmental recordkeeping, among other variables, and the same regulatory oversight will apply to Enviva’s forthcoming Bond plant.

Enviva’s Bond plant will strengthen the regional wood market for previously unmerchantable timber, creating additional incentives for local landowners to keep their forests as forests. Once operational, the facility in Bond, MS will support approximately 350 direct and indirect jobs, including adjacent industries such as logging and trucking. Enviva remains committed to working tirelessly – every day – to be a company that makes Mississippi proud.

To learn more about Enviva’s forthcoming plant in Bond, MS, we encourage you to visit: https://enviva-bond.com/

About Enviva

Enviva Inc. (NYSE: EVA) is the world’s largest producer of industrial wood pellets, a renewable and sustainable energy source produced by aggregating a natural resource, wood fiber, and processing it into a transportable form, wood pellets. Enviva owns and operates ten plants with a combined production capacity of approximately 6.2 million metric tons per year in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and Mississippi, and is constructing its 11th plant in Epes, Alabama. Additionally, Enviva is planning to commence construction of its 12th plant near Bond, Mississippi. Enviva sells most of its wood pellets through long-term, take-or-pay off-take contracts with primarily creditworthy customers in the United Kingdom, the European Union, and Japan, helping to accelerate the energy transition and to defossilize hard-to-abate sectors like steel, cement, lime, chemicals, and aviation. Enviva exports its wood pellets to global markets through its deep-water marine terminals at the Port of Chesapeake, Virginia, the Port of Wilmington, North Carolina, and the Port of Pascagoula, Mississippi, and from third-party deep-water marine terminals in Savannah, Georgia, Mobile, Alabama, and Panama City, Florida.

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