A Commitment to Transparency Through Track & Trace®

At Enviva, we strive to be the industry leader in supply chain traceability and transparency. We work for these things because we value keeping promises and acting with integrity, and we want to hold ourselves accountable for doing what we said we would do.

We source our wood for pellets pursuant to our global Responsible Sourcing Policy (RSP) – our Policy includes sourcing guidelines that reflect Enviva’s commitment to the highest standards of sustainability, integrity, forest stewardship, and continual improvement.

To ensure that we use only wood that meets our sustainability requirements, and to keep careful track of what we source through time, we developed and deployed our Track & Trace® program in 2016 – a proprietary system for monitoring and recording the exact source of all our wood. With Track & Trace, we’re able to remain transparent with the public and our partners about how we meet our sustainability requirements.

Enviva requires that all suppliers provide detailed data on each forest tract being considered for harvest. For example, we collect and record the following information for each individual tract:

  • geographic location
  • acreage
  • forest type
  • certification status (i.e. ATFS, FSC, SFI)
  • species mix
  • age
  • percentage of wood from each harvest that goes to Enviva

Enviva does not accept any wood from a harvest without this information and we use third-party auditors to verify accuracy. The information is then updated and published on our website for partners, customers, and stakeholders to reference. This week, Enviva compiled, analyzed, and published the last 6 months of data from 2019, and we also updated data on forest trends in our sourcing regions and the entire Southeast U.S. through 2018. See below for Enviva’s latest Track & Trace numbers.

At Enviva, we are committed to sustainable sourcing and public transparency. As part of our mission to displace coal, grow more trees, and fight climate change, we believe it is necessary to collect, promote, and share pertinent information to make good harvest decisions and keep forests as forests.

You can find more information on our Track & Trace program here, including our Wood Supply map, our Forest Trends map, and our latest data from 2019.