Environmental responsibility

Every step of the way

Our global supply chain provides reliable, scalable service to ensure uninterrupted delivery to customers around the world. But that’s just the beginning.

Strategic locations

Enviva’s facilities are strategically located in areas that minimize transportation from forest to plant to port, and our modes of transportation lessen overall environmental impact. What’s more, Enviva’s production plants are engineered to be energy efficient. We work to recycle byproducts from our processes to improve local farmland, and any wood that cannot be used for pellets—such as bark—is used to fuel the dryer.

Dedicated to sustainability

Throughout the supply chain

We also benefit the environment at the ground level. We’ve recently enhanced and expanded the Responsible Sourcing Policy that guides our sourcing decisions, including how we procure wood, trees, and secondary feedstock, and considers and protects critical High Conservation Value (HCV) forests.

As we work to define and communicate our implementation of the sourcing policy, our pledges to action reflect our core commitments to the highest standards of sustainability, stewardship, and integrity. Enviva’s sustainability team is dedicated to creating partnerships and collaborative relationships with conservation communities to achieve our goals.

Forest management certification

Sustainable forest management practices

Enviva works with landowners to enroll their land in forest management certification through the American Tree Farm System (ATFS) and the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) with our Independently Managed Groups (IMGs).

We and our partners write management plans, pay any fees, and perform tract inspections for the group. Whether purchasing a small portion of a harvest or more, Enviva is dedicated to helping landowners achieve certification and maintain good forest management practices. Landowners are under no obligation to send their wood to Enviva.