How we choose our locations

World-class fiber resources

We aggregate wood, process it into fuel, transport pellets to deep-water marine storage terminals, and deliver to utility customers around the world. We choose our locations strategically in one of the most attractive wood fiber regions in the world: high forest density, sustainable growth-to-drain rations, and a growing timber industry. Our proximity to terminals results in low “to-port” transportation costs, and our transportation is cost-effective due to ownership or control of ports.

Logistics optimization and process knowledge

From wood procurement to shipping

With access to roads and rails, a low-impact supply chain, utility infrastructure, attainment zones, and favorable business environments in the communities where we live and work, we know how to make and deliver pellets for industry. Our teams of engineers and operations associates have decades of experience in industrial processes and equipment used in related manufacturing industries. We understand how to manage safety, quality, reliability, and costs to ensure we meet manufacturing specifications and exceed customer expectations.