What is our purpose?

Enviva exists to displace fossil fuels, grow more trees, and fight climate change

As a leader and an innovator we seek to act with respect, humility, and integrity to ensure the best outcomes for forests, people, and the environment. By being open to continuously evaluating and improving our impacts around the world, we strive to deliver superior returns on all of our stakeholders’ investment of time, attention, capital, and trust in Enviva.

Displace fossil fuels

Bioenergy is part of an all-in strategy to reduce carbon emissions and limit dependence on fossil fuels. Wood pellets directly replace coal, providing customers around the world with a renewable fuel source that improves the environmental profile of energy generation.

Grow more trees

Key to keeping forests as forests is strong demand for forest products. We create a market for sustainable low-value wood that encourages good forest stewardship and creates incentives for forest landowners to replant and keep their land as forest.

a sustainable future

Fight climate change

The world cannot afford to delay taking decisive climate action. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has mapped out numerous pathways toward a sustainable future, and they all rely on wood bioenergy.

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Climate change

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What do we believe?

Enviva delivers a natural climate change solution

Our people work every day with determination and compassion to fight climate change, the greatest challenge of our time. We believe that if we do our jobs right, with respect for landowners, biodiversity, and forestland, we can help keep forests healthy, producing a steady stream of value-added products like lumber, furniture, paper, pulp and bioenergy while at the same time taking more carbon out of the atmosphere.