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2019 Media

01/13/2020 Wood pellets offer NC’s best carbon-neutral energy source (By Fred Cubbage and Robert Abt / The News & Observer)
01/07/2020 Renewable wood energy has a critical role in fighting climate change (by John Keppler)
01/07/2020 A New Life For Low-Value Wood (Mother Nature Network)
01/06/2020 Enviva Forest Conservation Fund Contributes to the Conservation of High-Quality Watershed and Longleaf Pine Ecosystem
12/23/2019 Enviva Provides Special Donation Towards Forest Conservation in North Carolina
12/09/2019 Enviva Supports Conclusions from New Report on “The Future of Bioenergy”
12/02/2019 Enviva Receives Approval to Construct Wood Pellet Facility in Sumter County; Thanks Alabama Department of Environmental Management
11/25/2019 2020 Enviva Forest Conservation Fund Request For Proposals
11/20/2019 Enviva Receives Stamp of Approval to Voluntarily Install New Air Quality Equipment in Southampton Facility
11/20/2019 Enviva Forest Conservation Fund Helps Protect Sensitive Bottomland Hardwood Ecosystem Along Nottoway River
11/15/2019 The Future Of The Russian Market For Sustainable Biomass For Pellets And Wood Chips Was Discussed In St. Petersburg (Information analytical agency “INFOBIO”)
11/07/2019 Port of Pascagoula and Enviva Break Ground on Wood Pellet Export Terminal
11/07/2019 Enviva Thanks Alabama Department of Environmental Management for Opportunity to Hear from Community Ahead of Proposed Pellet Plant Construction in Sumter County
11/07/2019 North Carolina Manufacturing Extension Partnership Recognizes Enviva with Leadership in Manufacturing Award for Sustainability
11/04/2019 Enviva Forest Conservation Fund Helps Protect Forested Wetland Ecosystem and Biodiverse Habitat in North Carolina
11/01/2019 Enviva Chairman and CEO Releases Statement Following Issuance of Air Permit for its Northampton Facility by the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality
10/22/2019 Enviva breaks ground on huge wood pellet plant in George County (George County Mississippi)
10/04/2019 Governor Ivey Announces Completion of Project Agreement Paving the Way for Enviva to Build Alabama Wood Pellet Plant, Creating 85 Jobs in Sumter County (Kay Ivey – Office of the Governor)
10/03/2019 Enviva Chairman and CEO Releases Statement Following Issuance of Air Permit for its Sampson Facility by the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality
10/01/2019 USIPA Statement on Anti-Forestry Group’s Reaction to North Carolina Clean Energy Plan (USIPA)
09/27/2019 Scientific Case for Wood Bioenergy Grows Stronger (Biomass Magazine)
09/22/2019 William Reilly column: New solutions from America’s oldest natural resource industry (Richmond-Times Dispatch)
09/16/2019 Response to Dogwood Alliance/Center for Sustainable Economy Report – Logging Is North Carolina’s Third Largest Carbon Emitter (Source: North Carolina Forestry Association)
09/12/2019 Enviva Thanks VA DEQ for the Opportunities to Hear from Stakeholders in Permitting Process
08/20/2019 Enviva Welcomes North Carolina DEQ’s Efforts and Community Participation in the Company’s Permitting for Voluntary Air Quality Controls at Northampton Facility
08/09/2019 Enviva Statement on IPCC Special Report on Climate Change and Land
08/06/2019 Enviva Appreciates VADEQ’s Commitment to Community Engagement and Looks Forward to Public Hearing in September
08/06/2019 Enviva Announces Execution of Lease Option at Port of Pascagoula
07/17/2019 Enviva Thanks NCDEQ for Opportunity to Hear from Stakeholders and Renews Commitment to Job Creation and Air Quality
07/15/2019 Enviva Chairman and CEO Releases Statement Following Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality Permit Board’s Unanimous Approval of Permit for Lucedale Construction
06/28/2019 “Include Biomass In Your Considerations!” [Energie & Management]
06/24/2019 North Carolina Coastal Land Trust and Partners Protect Important Habitat In Carteret County, North Carolina
06/06/2019 Enviva Forest Conservation Fund Awards 2019 Grants
06/04/2019 Enviva Launches Enhanced and Expanded Global Sourcing Policy
06/04/2019 Enviva updates its responsible sourcing policy
05/02/2019 Enviva Forest Conservation Fund Helps Land Trust Protect Sensitive Wetland Forests
04/24/2019 Enviva Forest Conservation Fund Helps Protect Threatened Habitat and High-Quality Watershed in Virginia
04/04/2019 The Solution To Climate Change Grows On Trees
03/06/2019 USIPA: Three Things To Know About Wood Energy [Video]
12/10/2018 2019 Enviva Forest Conservation Fund Request for Proposals
11/12/2018 How Wood Biomass Can Help Solve Climate Change
11/06/2018 Flood Shows Benefits of Conservation Deal [Coastal Review Online]
10/31/2018 Enviva Announces Off-Take Contracts with Mitsubishi Corporation are Firm
10/15/2018 Enviva Partners, LP Reports Limited Damage From Hurricane Michael
9/26/2018 Flexible Funding Opportunity Through Enviva Forest Conservation Fund To Aid Conservation Community In 2018
9/13/2018 Enviva Holdings, LP’s Off-Take Contract with Sumitomo Becomes Firm
8/20/2018 North Carolina Coastal Land Trust and Partners Protect Critical Habitat in Columbus County, North Carolina
8/14/2018 Stakeholder engagement: How Enviva moved from crisis to collaboration [GreenBiz]
8/08/2018 Enviva Partners, LP Reports Financial Results for Second Quarter 2018 and Announces New Japanese and European Contracts
7/06/2018 Enviva Investing More to Help Community Projects [Richmond County Daily Journal]
6/29/2018 Enviva Partners, LP Announces Chesapeake Terminal’s Return to Full Operation
5/23/2018 The Ideological Divide [Biomass Magazine]
5/23/2018 Enviva Forest Conservation Fund Awards 2018 Grants and Expands Restoration and Conservation of Sensitive Forest Ecosystems and Wetlands
5/10/2018 Enviva Holdings, LP Announces Sale of Enviva Partners, LP Common Units to Fund Development Projects
4/18/2018 US Forest Service’s Inventory Program Supports Sustainable Forest Management in the US South [Blog]
4/12/2018 Enviva Releases Latest Track & Trace™ Data Continuing Excellence in Sustainability Leadership
4/9/2018 Enviva Partners, LP Provides Update on Previously Reported Incident at Chesapeake Terminal
3/1/2018 Enviva Partners, LP Reports Incident at Its Chesapeake Terminal
2/19/2018 Enviva Forest Conservation Fund Helps with Acquisition of Notable North Carolina Landscape
2/16/2018 Enviva Completes Acquisition of South Carolina Wood Pellet Plant
2/11/2018 Operating Sustainably, Low Impact Harvest [Wood Bioenergy Magazine]
2/9/2018 Enviva’s Track & Trace: Celebrating Another Milestone [Blog]
1/31/2018 Triangle Land Conservancy Protects Priority Lands in Wake County, North Carolina
1/30/2018 Export Expertise, Q&A with John Keppler [Pellet Mill Magazine]
1/26/2018 Enviva Connects Biomass Sources to Energy Consumers from Florida [Video]
1/25/2018 Enviva’s Latest Track & Trace™ Data Confirm Sustained Forest Growth
1/9/2018 Wood Pellet Industry Enables Forest Protection and GHG Mitigation [Blog]
1/8/2018 Enviva Supports Habitat for Humanity of the NC Sandhills & Military Missions in Action Home Renovation Projects
1/4/2018 Virginia Department of Forestry Teams with the Enviva Forest Conservation Fund to Secure Ecologically-Important Easement in Virginia
1/2/2018 Enviva Holdings, LP Announces New Development Joint Venture and Acquisition of Wood Pellet Production Plant

2017 Media

12/14/2017 Drax Group: The Biomass Sustainability Story [Video]
12/11/2017 We in the Wood Pellet Industry are Helping Forests and the Environment
11/29/2017 The American Forest Foundation, Enviva Holdings, LP and The Nature Conservancy Announce Partnership for Forest Certification and Habitat Restoration
11/6/2017 Virginia Outdoors Foundation Protects 408-acre Floodplain Forest
11/2/2017 Enviva Partners, LP Reports Financial Results for Third Quarter 2017 and Announces Ninth Consecutive Distribution Increase
10/30/2017 Confronting Stories With Facts [Blog]
  Enviva’s Latest Track & Trace Data Reinforce Strong Sustainability Practices
10/24/2017 Enviva’s Sourcing Supports the Restoration of Critical Habitat in Florida [Blog]
10/11/2017 Enviva Partners, LP Completes $55 Million Private Placement of Senior Unsecured Notes
10/4/2017 African American Forest Owners Benefit from Industry Partnership
10/2/2017 Enviva Partners, LP Completes Wilmington Terminal Drop-Down Acquisition
9/12/2017 North Carolina Coastal Land Trust Protects 1,000 Acre Floodplain Forest
9/4/2017 Scott Poynton, Founder of The Forest Trust, Interviews Enviva Employees – “Forest Voices: Looking Beyond What You See”
9/1/2017 Bioenergy from the US is a critical tool in the UK’s climate strategy
8/10/2017 Merchandising Volume Reflects Regional Variation [Blog]
8/7/2017 Virginia Department of Conservation Protects Forested Wetland
8/3/2017 Enviva Partners, LP Reports Financial Results for Second Quarter 2017
7/20/2017 Enviva’s Track & Trace Results Reinforce Sustainability Practices [Blog]
  Track & Trace Program Highlights Enviva’s Leadership in Sustainability
7/12/2017 Enviva Partners Extends Contracts at Port Panama City
6/7/2017 Why Do We Invest [Blog]
  Enviva Forest Conservation Fund Awards 2017 Grants
1/10/2017 Enviva Launches One-of-a-Kind Wood Supply Tracking System


Media Archive

5/26/2016 $5 Million Enviva Forest Conservation Fund Announces 2016 Conservation Grants
12/10/2015 Enviva Launches $5 Million Forest Conservation Fund
9/17/2015 Enviva to Attend and Present at USIPA’s Exporting Pellets Conference
8/4/2015 Enviva Applauds EPA on Clean Power Plan
10/8/2015 Enviva Landowner Testimonial

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